Martin MeadowsMartin Meadows is a bestselling personal development author, writing about self-discipline and its transformative power to help you become successful and live a more fulfilling life. With a straight-to-the point approach, he’s passionate about sharing tips, habits and resources for self-improvement through a combination of science-backed research and personal experience.

Embracing self-control helped Martin overcome extreme shyness, build successful businesses, learn multiple languages, become a bestselling author, and more. As a lifelong learner, he enjoys exploring the limits of his comfort zone through often extreme experiments and adventures involving various sports and wild or exotic places.

Martin uses a pen name. It helps him focus on serving the readers through writing, without the distractions of seeking recognition. He doesn’t believe in branding himself as an infallible expert (which he is not), opting instead to offer suggestions and solutions as a fellow personal growth experimenter, with all of the associated failures and successes.

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Suggested Reading Order

Simple Self-Discipline Series:

  1. How to Build Self-Discipline—an introduction to the most fundamental concepts how to deal with temptations,
  2. Daily Self-Discipline—expands on the concepts from the first book, focusing on habits and additional exercises to build self-discipline,
  3. Self-Disciplined Dieter—focuses on how to apply self-discipline to have a healthy diet,
  4. How to Build Self-Discipline to Exercise—focuses on how to apply self-discipline to exercise regularly,
  5. 365 Days With Self-Discipline—offers 365 short tips on a variety of topics related to self-discipline,
  6. Self-Disciplined Producer—focuses on how to become more productive through increased self-discipline.